Website Grade: 42/60

Your rework is so much better in terms of using the conventions of web publishing - well done. You are still losing marks because the new photos have not been edited in photoshop and the video would have been better if it featured the target age group. The idea for the video is good but this would put people off I think. You put a lot of time into this. Well done.

Target Audience Feedback Changes

These are my new pages with the changes made taken on board, I am very pleased with them and am glad I made the changes as now my site looks more professional and organized.
I choose to get rid of the picture on the homepage and instead opted for small boxes containing information about the site, links to further in the site and a donation page.

Target Audience Feedback

These are suggested improvements to my current site given by my target audience. They include suggestions about the layout of the website and where the information is placed. I will take these suggestions on board and change the site accordingly, hopefully to the required needs. I agree with a lot of the comments and will print screen my improvements later on.

Time Management

This is a section of my calendar showing how i managed my time during the planning and development of my website.

Target Audience

My target audience will be 30 to 35 year olds, as it became apparent in my survey that this age group where more likely to want to quit. A lot of my services will be free as the income bracket for most of the survey takers were not earning a lot of money for this reason I will make the services free to encourage more people of any income bracket to come and quit.

Having a strong interest in health and possibly a stable family environment, my audience would be middle to upper class because these classes would consists of like minded people who are interested in their well being, family and the affects that they have on their family by smoking in proximity.

My likely gender will be either male or female as the survey suggests that both male or female have a passion for quitting. Also being a smoker has more to do with your background and social life, your 10 times less likely to smoke if your parents tell you not to where as your more likely to smoke if one of your parents are smokers, this has no relation to your gender.

I would choose Individualists to be individual by leading the way in quitting smoking and became leaders for others, as my target audience. I would also choose Carers as they are most likely to care for there surroundings and family, and possibly started smoking out of sympathy for another who was lonely. They are most likely to quit as they will care what smoking does their bodies and their children if any. I will also choose Groupies as they longing's to fit in may have triggered their smoking habit, this can be reversed by them being made to feel left out because of their smoking causing them to quit.