Web Hosting and Domain Names

Web Hosting

Web hosting allows an individual to purchase space on an external server and store data on it. This is done over the www, so an Internet connection is needed. This allows the user to free up space on their own computer.

The usual price ranges from £2.95 - £10.00 with unlimited space, bandwidth and back ups done daily.

Below is a comparison chart of the Top 10 web hosting sites.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is an identification label used to identify different internet websites. For example www.google.com Google is the second-level domain name and the .com is the top-level domain name.

Top-level domains include COM, ORG, NET, GOV, EDU, CO.UK etc. Every domain name ends in a top-level domain.

Second-level domains are directly to the left of the top-level domains some second-level domains are Google, Youtube, Facebook and Phoenix-flash.

Domain name registrations must compile of letters, digits and the hyphen. The full stop separates the top-level and second-level domains.

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