Website research and Institution Research

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After I analyzed these charity websites I collated a list of different conventions of websites. All of which I will use in my website so my website will follow the conventions of website.

The navigation bar is a key feature for most websites and was consistent throughout all the ones I looked at. They quickened the pace an inexperienced user could navigate through the site and find what they were looking for with ease. Also on one of the sites was a side bar which I found very useful, because of this i will try to include a navigation and side bar in my website. The navigation bar will be aimed more at short clear statements of what is on the page e.g. About Us, Contact Us, Home etc whereas the side bar will contain, while short and clear, more diverse links.

Also the use of imagery will be key to the site as to shock the viewer into seeing the damages that smoking can have. However I will also have success stories as to give a positive side once quit, to show that it is not all negative this will take the form of a video or slideshow as well as plain normal images.

Also a clear and visible logo for my site will be required at the top of the page as I have found this is common in all the sites I looked at. The branding of the charity is important as the main aspect of this site is to promote the idea of quitting and the benefits that can include. For this reason a strong and remembered logo is needed.

The typography must also be clear and readable as the site will be lost if I cannot convey the information to the viewers if they are unable to read it. This was apparent in all the sites I researched and so a must for my site.

A combination of both the typography and imagery I feel will carry my site forward as the picture can shock the viewer and the text can either shock or communicate that the effects of smoking are disastrous and should be taken seriously.

Institution Research

While creating a website it is important to research how other campaigns and websites are made and also what institutions are involved in the design, production and launch. large charities usually own their own companies so do not need the creative agencies, however companies such as WWF or Breakthrough Breast Cancer use companies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and Torchbox to create promotional websites and campaigns.

This is a link to a news report on how BBH and Barnardo's worked together to create a promotional campaign named "Break The Cycle" to shock people into seeing that even though some youths are troublesome others do need help that Barnardo's gives.

"I'm absolutely disgusted with the negative reactions. These people need shocking into reality. I hope to see more shockingly sad and heartrending shorts like this to awaken people's perceptions."
This is a quote concerning the video, showing that the message has gotten to the audience, or at least some of them.

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  1. Good identification of conventions. Can you provide further analysis by discussing the photography and images and how/why they are used? Also I would like to read more about the colour design, colour connotations, logos and font.