QuitSmoking UK Survey

I have created a survey to collect information for my site.
Please click on the link below to complete it

I hope this will help identify my target audience which will also let me better my site so I am able to gear the site towards them. the survey will also give me information on peoples tendencies towards various methods of quitting e.g. group therapy or one on one sessions. i will then use the results once analyzed to tailor my website to a specific market and include elements and techniques to persuade those who may not be as willing to quit to quit and take the first steps.


These are pie charts with percentages of the answers from the survey. It shows that my target audience should be more early thirties men and women who want to quit. 80% wish to quit due to family or health reasons so i could include facts and figures on health issues and how that affects you to further persuade these people. Also once they have applied they would prefer group sessions rather to one on one, this would mean that i should have more group therapy sessions while still continuing one on one as they are still valued. 80% of participants find smoking to be a bad habit leading me to believe that they do not enjoy to smoke but are unable to quit due to will power, this is where my site will become useful as it can provide help to those wishing to quit and give them the boost in will power to quit.









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  1. Can you explain how you hoped this survey might help you with your site and identify your target audience?
    You will also need an analysis of the results as part of this post.